My Work



I bought my first DSLR camera in 2013. Not to go out for photography the way I do now but just to be able to take higher quality pictures of my own children.



After a while I got curious what else I could do besides taking pictures of my kids and sometimes when I saw a beautiful sunset or an impressive landscape I wanted to capture that too. I found out it wasn't that easy so I started to look at work of some fantastic photographers and read about photography in books and online. 


People and animals

I kept taking pictures of my family and friends -or an occasional polar bear or cow-, and after shared them online of course. People started taking interest in my work and every once in a while someone asked me to do a photoshoot of them or their beloved ones. I still get nervous doing photoshoots but I love trying to capture emotions and make authentic images people can relate to, even though my images look 'different'.